2020 Christmas Project UAW 1311 outdoor Party

The smiles to the faces of children warmed the heart and lifted the spirits of our union brothers and sisters on strike in western Pennsylvania. On Sunday, Dec. 20th, volunteers working at the Knights of Columbus in Burgettstown experienced that joy, which was made possible by organized labor, our friends, and community organizations. There were more than 150 sponsors and donors to the 2020 NWPA ALF Union Families Christmas Project. Together we made Christmas a little brighter for these members. The following banners were hung for all to see who made this event possible.
The NWPA ALF wants to thank every volunteer, donor, and sponsor that made this event possible, for the UAW 1311 Children. We are proud to tell you because of you we met and exceeded our goal of 3 gifts per child and a $25 gift card for dinner for each member of each union.
Countless hours of work by volunteers doing such things as; making home-made lined stockings out of American-made fabrics in 51 different colors and material combinations, making phone calls, hours of sorting gifts, stuffing those stockings, and preparing every detail to assure smooth operations at Christmas.
UAW 1311 was a much smaller group, but of equal importance to us. Our goal was to assure no union families on strike in western Pennsylvania  would go without a warm and bright Christmas. Because of the temperature the attendance was much lower than expected. President James Hall promissed he will see all of the members receive their items when they come for their strike check the next day. We understand it was important to keep your children safe and we want you to know though we did not see many of you, we care and wish you a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!
 Again, we proved through Solidarity everything is possible! Thank You!