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Flight Attendant Enrolls in Free College Program During COVID-19 Career Pause

Union Plus
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Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA) member Lori Moro loves being a flight attendant. She’s made her career in the sky for more than 25 years, getting paid while traveling and seeing the world. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Air travel ground to a halt and Moro’s career was grounded as well.

With time on her hands and an uncertain future, Moro decided to enroll in the Union Plus Free College Program after she learned about it through an online forum for fellow AFA-CWA members. The Union Plus Free College Program partners with AFSCME and Eastern Gateway Community College to offer online courses and degree programs with no out-of-pocket cost to active or retired union members and their eligible family members, including spouses and children.

“It was a great opportunity given to me at a trying time,” said Moro, a member of AFA-CWA Council 6 since 2014. She is now on her way toward earning her associate’s degree in business management with a specialization in hotel and event management. Moro, who is enrolled part time, said the workload and curriculum are challenging, but the schedule is flexible. Students can choose between eight-week accelerated courses or a 16-week regular semester.

“Union Plus gave me the chance to refocus my life,” Moro said. “The pandemic taught me to never ever take anything for granted. Having a degree and a skill in another field is a valuable tool.” To learn more about the Free College Program and its associated benefits, visit