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Passing the Baton

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In 2015, the NWPA ALF reestablished the Labor Day Parade in Erie, PA with the help of many union coordinators, labor leaders, activists, and volunteers. It has been an incredible community event that has helped educate the public about unions and build Solidarity within the broader Labor movement. We thank every person who helped in any way.

Earlier this year, we decided if this parade was going to continue for perpetuity that we need to mentor someone to carry on the tradition. We wrote in our newsletter, spoke about it at the meeting, and were hoping to get someone or some group to step up so we could work closely with them and at the end of the parade pass them the baton. 

Unfortunately, a situation arose making it impossible for us to continue this year. Luckily for all of LABOR, two people (Jim Nuber and Terry Baker from IBEW Local 56) who have served on the parade committee for many years have decided this tradition must carry on! We truly appreciate them stepping up and give them our THANKS!

On Thursday, July 1st we had the opportunity to "Pass the Baton" to Business Manager, Jim Nuber. We thank IBEW 56 for continuing the tradition of a Labor Day Parade in Erie, Pa. We have shared much-needed information with them to assure they can be successful and donated, too. They will be hosting the 2021 Erie Labor Day Parade and could use your help both as a coordinator for your union/unit and if possible serve on the parade committee.

It would be fantastic if all of labor would join them on Monday, September 6th creating the biggest and best parade to date. We know you can do it if you work together in solidarity!

Below, you will find a file that contains both a letter seeking your support and an invitation/application to become part of the 2021 Erie Labor Day Parade which is from IBEW 56.  Please apply early, and help if you can!