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Trump Ramps Up Assault On Workers' Rights With Scalia Nomination To Department Of Labor

Pedro Nicolaci da Costa
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Donald Trump ran for president on the idea that he would help struggling Americans, the "forgotten man" as he referred to these implicitly white workers, rise up after years of neglect from a shifty labor market and stagnant wages.

Instead, Trump is pursuing the most hostile anti-labor agenda of any modern president, rolling back all kinds of legal protections for working people and ensuring big business can preempt attempts by labor to organize and bargain for fair wages and working conditions.

Trump’s pick to replace Alexander Acosta, who was forced to stepped downbecause of the shockingly lenient deal he gave convicted pedophile and Trump friend Jeffrey Epstein during his days as a Florida prosecutor, is in a way a crowing jewel of his anti-worker drive, which has already cost workers some $42 billion.

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